As a practicing physician, you're concerned about the quality of the test including its preliminary interpretation. The quality of the equipment is paramount for a correct diagnosis. Lev Diagnostics has state-of-the-art equipment and skillfully trained professionals that will send you a preliminary selection of the strips for you to interpret.


As a physician, what is important to you?

  • Quality - At Lev Diagnostics, we use state of the art technology to be on the forefront

  • Accuracy - We have been in business since 1995, done over 1.5 million tests and never a single lawsuit

  • Timeliness - your office is kept informed through each step of the process, order fulfillment, completion and rapid results reporting

  • Outcomes - All of this allows you to have rapid, expert data to monitor and treat your patients for the best potential outcomes!

Taking blood pressue


 Our customer service department is staffed by specialty trained associates to  facilitate the testing and to answer any questions the customer may have. Our staff monitors the frequency of the testing so no patient is missed from being tested. They will document the number of times they attempted to reach the patient.

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