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Our PCL will set the patient up with a remote module. For cardio monitoring, we will connect the monitor to the patient  and retrieve the equipment at the end of the test. All this done in the comfort of their home. Patients may reach out to our Customer Care Center at any time.

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A Patient Care Liaison is assigned to your facility. The PCL will visit the facility periodically within the  Medicare guidelines and test your Residents that require pacemaker and defibrillator monitoring. When recommended, the PCL will attach an extended Holter or mobile cardiac telemetry to your Resident and will retrieve the equipment on a specified date. Our Monitoring Center will advise you of any irregularity in the tracings.

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Our Patient Care Liaison will test the patient in the comfort of his or her environment. When ordered, the PCL will attach an Extended Holter Monitor on your Patient then retrieve the equipment at the conclusion of the test