About Lev Diagnostics

Lev Diagnostics Inc., founded in 1995, is a telemedicine company that focuses on providing the necessary tools for a comprehensive cardiac evaluation in the comfort of the patient’s residence.

Our Services

* Pacemaker / ICD follow-up care

* Real-time Cardiac Telemetry (up to 30 days)

* Holter monitoring (24 hrs-up to 7 days)

* 30 Day Arrhythmia ("Event") monitoring

Our Professional Medical Staff

Quality of care and personalized customer service

  • Focus solely on Cardiology services

  • Excellent and personalized customer service provided to each and every one of our clients

  • Timely and accurate reporting

  • Precise evaluations – maximum patient comfort - minimum cost to your facility

We welcome the opportunity to work with your facilities. We look forward to discussing with you how our services can be incorporated at your organization!

  • 25 years in the business,

  • 65,000 patients tested and

  • Over 1.5 million pacemaker/ICD tests done!

For more information, please call (800) 564-5270 or email info@levdxs.com 


* IBHRE certified 

* Master's prepared

* Extensive Critical Care Background

* 30 Years Cardiac Pacing/Arrhythmia Experience